GTA Online: The Cayo Perico Heist – Everything About It

Getting Started

  • The first thing that the player will see when loading into the game is a cutscene of a lively night at The Music Locker, followed by you loading right next to the Casino. Every player in the lobby will be there, so go into Passive Mode to avoid being killed

  • You will be prompted to purchase new vehicles from Warstock Cache and Carry and Dock Tease

  • You will informed of a new radio station "Still Slipping Los Santos" that can be tuned into in Mirror Park

  • To be able to buy the Submarine and start the Cayo Perico Heist, you must go into The Music Locker and speak with Miguel Madrazo

The Music Locker

  • The Music Locker is a Nightclub that can be found on the side of the Casino. You must go to the VIP area to talk to Miguel Madrazo.

  • Walk through the entrance hallway, then to the left of the area that you enter in. Then walk down the staircase, and go to the back where the guards are. Miguel charges you with robbing a private island to retrieve files.

The Kosatka Submarine

Initial Cost$2,200,000
Color other than base$75,000
Sonal Station$1,200,000
Guided Missiles$1,900,000
Weapons Workshop$350,000
Kraken Avisa$1,545,000
Total Cost$9,085,000
  • The Sparrow will spawn right beside the player, and the Avisa will spawn in the water.

  • There is an approximately 2-minute cooldown for calling in a submarine vehicle that has been destroyed, but if one is destroyed you can call the other one.

  • You will receive a new contact "Pavel" who will inform you that you must go tot he submarine to start the heist.

  • You will be able to access options for the Kosatka in the Interaction Menu under Services. You will be able to do the following:

    • Request (you must not have an active MOC, Terrorbyte, or Avenger)
    • Request Vehicle (request either the Sparrow or the Avisa. You can buy both)
    • Request Dinghy
    • Return the vehicles to the sub
    • Return the sub to storage
    • Allow people to access the Helm and the Moon Pool Vehicles
    • Empty the sub and the Helm
    • Choose what scuba gear to wear (this will not change you into scuba gear wherever you are)
  • The Guided Missile is fast and is controlled by the player. You are put in the POV of the missile, and you may fly it into the target. After shooting one, there is a 1-minute cooldown.

  • You can pilot the sub, with he ability to descend, ascend, shoot torpedos, use sonar, and look in the periscope

  • Sonar allows you to locate Caches

  • You can fast travel around the edge of San Andreas for $10,000

  • The submarine can be destroyed with 10 missiles

The Heist

  • You must be a VIP, CEO, or MC President to start the heist

  • To start, enter your submarine and start with the planning board

  • The first thing you do is go to LSIA to assume your role as a music manager. You ride the plane with English Dave and some other people, going to Cayo Perico in a cutscene

  • During Prep Missions you can fast travel with the Kosatka

Heist Intel

  • Drive to the party with English Dave and El Rubio
  • Wait for Pavel to call you. When he does a guard will move allowing you to exit the party
  • Go from the party to the Compound. Run across the island avoiding the guards and the cameras until you reach the compound.
  • After that, you will get a call from Pavel and be told to wait until he locates the communication tower. When it is found, go there and wait until the tower is clear of guards to climb up the tower. Hack the box by putting the top 5 wire to the bottom node, the 2 wire to the middle, and the bottom 5 to the top.
  • You can scope out the compound through the cameras and find the primary target and multiple secondary targets, which can be cash, gold, and art. You can also steal weed and cocaine and you can find it in the warehouses near the dock
  • Scope the dock by taking a picture. You can steal the Dinghy and take it around the west side of the island, past the lighthouse, to the compound where you will come to another Dinghy. If you go close to the wall, Pavel will call you as you have found a secret entrance.
  • On the west side, south of the party, you will find a dock. You can take a picture of that to send to Pavel.
  • Search the warehouses by going into them. When you find something, take a photo and find the bolt cutters.
  • Taking a boat from the warehouse and taking a left lets you reach the airfield to go back, but you also pass a hut. Take a picture and you can enter the island by air.
  • You can take a photo of the air strip control tower before you go.
  • Then you can go back to Los Santos.
  • Sometimes the game soft locks on the communications tower hacking part.
    • You only have to do one vehicle prep mission

Prep Missions

  • Submarine: Kosatka

    • go to the Merryweather Test Site
    • Take out the helicopter and boats from afar. Explosives work for this, andnyou will not be attacked
    • Dive underwater to enter the submarine
    • Go through to the top floor and get the sonar jammer. If you die, you pawn on a Seashark and must enter the sub again
    • Then you just have to deliver the jammer back to your submarine
  • Plane: Part 1 (Alkonost)

    • Go to Fort Zancudo
    • Enter the base. You can do this without receiving a wanted level
    • Enter the hangar, and fight your way through until you reach the laptop. hack it and steal the plane
    • Lose the cops and bring it to LSIA
  • Plane: Part 2 (Pilot)

    • Go to Vinewood Hills
    • Take out the enemies outside, the move inside and take out those. When you are told to take out the remaining enemies you have to go downstairs and you will find the rest of them. You will think that there is a glitch, but the enemies are just not on the radar. Find all of the guys cowering in the corner and take them out
    • Once you are done, leave the house and lose the cops
  • Plane: Velum

    • Go to McKenzie Field
    • Take out the enemies
    • Steal the Velum
    • Deliver it to the drop-off
  • Helicopter: Stealth Annihilator

    • Go to Chumash
    • Go to the yacht but not in an air vehicle as it will be destroyed. You can use an air vehicle to blast the enemies before you get closer
    • Go into the bridge and hack the computer to turn off the air defenses
    • When you take the helicopter, take it back to the hangar
  • Boat: Patrol Boat

    • Go to the Merrywather HQ
    • Use an air vehicle to clear some enemies
    • Switch the panels, then go to the office to open the gate
    • Drive the boat to the drop off, while Valkyries chase you. Stay under them to avoid being killed
  • Boat: Longfin

    • Go to the Vespucci Police Station
    • Use the trailers the game provides, or the Phantom Wedge or the MOC Cab
    • You don't have to lose the cops with the trailer. You can lose them in any vehicle, and then go back for it
    • Then bring the boat to the drop-off
  • Demolition Charges

    • Go to the Grapeseed Train Depot
    • Take out the enemies. You will then be told to go to a new location
    • Go to the house, and kill the enemies until you find the one with the card. Swipe it and steal the charges. Then bring them to the submarine
  • Safe Code

    • Go to the Casino
    • Go to the floor with the suites, and find the two guards. Kill them with silent weapons (suppressors) in quick succession
    • Shoot through the enemies until you find the head of security. Once you kill him, steal the codes. Then die, and you will be spawned outside and the mission will be over
  • Fingerprint Cloner

    • Go to the warehouse
    • Find the box to disable the cameras if you want. Once you get into the warehouse take out the enemies and hack the computers. Then leave
    • Go to the archive and take out the cameras
    • Find the card and leave. Return the card to the submarine
  • Cutting Torch

    • Go to the Construction Site
    • Fly to the top or use the elevator
    • Put on the hard hat to blend in and be allowed to traverse the area without being attacked. Find the toolbox, and get the torch. Then, get the parachute or your air vehicle and go back to the submarine
    • If you take a picture with your phone the hard hat comes off and the enemies attack
  • Weapon Loadout

    • You can purchase suppressors for $5,000
    • The following Loadouts contain the following weapons: Aggressor (Assault Shotgun, Machine Pistol, Machete, Grenades), Conspirator (Military Rifle, Pistol .50, Sticky Bombs, Knuckle Duster), Crack Shot (Sniper Rifle, AP Pistol, Molotov Cocktail, Knife), Saboteur (SMG Mk II, SNS Pistol Mk II, Pipe Bombs, Knife), and Marksman (Assault Rifle Mk II, Pistol Mk II, Pipe Bombs, Machete)
    • Go to the office
    • Enter, kill the enemies, and locate the gun locker. It will be on the left wall behind the computer. It is locked. Hack the computer (doing the minigame in which you find 4 numbers), steal the guns, and bring them to the submarine
  • Optional Prep: Weapons

    • You have 10 minutes, starting from you starting the mission, to take out 3 enemies. Each one is surrounded by enemies, and the target is distinguished
    • You cannot lock onto the targets
    • One has ballistic armor, one is in a moving ground vehicle, and one is going to board a helicopter so take him out fast. Explosives, missiles, and the Explosive Sniper are good
  • Optional Prep: Armor

    • Go to the distribution center
    • Destroy the enemies and crates outside (the enemies cannot be locked onto), then go inside and take out those enemies and crates. Then get the final one, which is a Tug Boat that is unguarded
  • Optional Prep: Air Support

    • You have 10 minutes to destroy 10 Buzzards. They re all on the ground, and some of them are in clusters. You can lock onto the enemies near them.
    • This can be done with the Sparrow, Buzzard Attack Chopper, or Oppressor Mk II

The Finale

  • Support Crew Members - these people do things such as sending in air support and calling in a sniper
  • Before you start, you have to do the following

    • Select approach vehicle
    • Select infiltration point
    • Select compound entry point
    • Select escape point
    • Select time of day
  • You must enter the compound, steal the files, and leave. In the midst of that, you can steal gold, cash and artwork if you have multiple people, as the gates locking the loot require two people.

  • The enemies on the island spawn endlessly

  • Some enemies have key cards, used to open extra loot gates, and one has the key needed to get the files.

  • When escaping, you can go to the dock that you scoped and steal drugs from inside the warehouse.

  • When escaping, simply fly or drive away from Cayo Perico until the screen fades

Changes for the Second Heist

  • The Intel mission requires you to steal a Velum and fly to Cayo Perico rather than going through the party

  • Like the Casino Heist, entrances and points of interest that you have scoped already stay on the screen

Hack Missions

  • The mission with the three numbers is easy. Just connect the top number to the bottom node, the middle to the middle, and the bottom to the top

  • The fingerprint thing is annoying, but you have to get each row to match the fingerprint. The top few are easy because they go from narrow too wide. If your match is incorrect, keep scrolling until it works. You just have to match what they look like, and change the ones that are wrong until you progress

New Vehicles

VehiclePriceTrade PriceWeaponsRPGs to Destroy
Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat$2,955,000$2,216,2501 rear 2 front .50 cal gun1
RO-86 Alkonost$4,350,000$3,262,50050 bombs (comes with cluster)1
Annihilator Stealth$3,870,000$2,902,500Homing or Barrage Missiles and Machine gun1
Toreador$3,660,000NoneHoming and Non-homing Missiles (infinite) and machine gun1
Sparrow$1,815,000NoneMinigun or Homing Missiles1
Kraken Avisa$1,545,000NoneNone1
  • The Alkonost is the largest plane in the game, taking up the entire hangar

  • The Annihilator Stealth has the ability to go into stealth mode like the Akula

  • None of the new vehicles can be upgraded in the MOC or Avenger

  • The Avisa has sonar

  • The Toreador is submersible

  • The Toreador and the Stromberg can be stored in the Kostatka

New Weapons

  • The Military Rife ($365,700) has comparable stats to the Assault Rifle

Known bugs

Player will be stuck on the screen opening the Sightseer App after hacking the box on the Communication TowerReset the game
Start the Intel mission, and the mission does not start. The player cannot access the planning scree,Find a new session

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